Sold Properties

Here is a highlighted list of Realtor David Bramante’s real estate sales history where he represented BOTH Seller and Buyer.

Below is a just a highlighted list of sold properties by Realtor David Bramante in Los Angeles. He’s sold over 1,000 units and here is a partial list of Sold Properties which include homes, condos and multifamily investment properties in Los Angeles.

AddressZipAreaUnitsSold Price
1616 Delta Street90026Echo Park16$3.7M
4221 Burns Avenue90029Virgil Village28$3.485M
1419 N Poinsettia Pl90046West Hollywood28$3.515M
1562 W 4th St90017Westlake44$3.375M
1806 Montana St90026Echo Park6$3.05M
4509 Willow Brook Ave90029Virgil Village14$2.75M
745 Alturas Ln92028Hollywood23$2.58M
44155 10th St West93534Lancaster27$2.525M
1808 N Harvard Blvd90027Los Feliz20$2.5M
267 S Union Ave90026Historic Filipinotown28$2.1M
6049 La Prada St90042Highland Park20$2.1M
131 S Ave 6390042Highland Park28$1.95M
512 S Bonnie Brae St90057MacArthur Park30$1.9M
1324 Calumet Ave90026Silver Lake24$1.835M
1101 N Kenter Ave90049Brentwood1$1.77M
4211 Cumberland Ave90027Los Feliz5$1.75M
415 Union Dr90017Westlake32$1.665M
309 S Westlake Ave90057Westlake30$1.66M
2408 Cloy Ave90291Venice1$1.555M
14926 Dickens St91403Sherman Oaks8$1.55M
5667 Fountain Ave90028Hollywood8$1.535M
1141 Echo Park Ave90026Echo Park20$1.535M
3729 Tracy St90027Los Feliz6$1.5M
5428 Russell Ave90027Los Feliz10$1.41M
407 S Bonnie Brae St90017Westlake8$1.325M
208 S Westlake Ave90057Westlake16$1.325M
5663 Fountain Ave90038Hollywood8$1.31M
5747 La Mirada Ave90038Hollywood8$1.31M
4046 W 129th St90250Hawthorne10$1.3M
4367 Oakwood Ave90004Mid-Wilshire24$1.3M
845 N Harvard Blvd90029Hollywood14$1.28M
1172 Kingsley Dr90029Los Feliz16$1.27M
531 Soto St90033Boyle Heights8$1.25M
240 Robinson St90026Historic Filipinotown8$1.25M
3740 Carmona Ave90016Mid-City16$1.25M
4509 Willow Brook Ave90029Virgil Village14$1.215M
1466 Allison Ave90026Echo Park1$1.175M
1600 N Alvarado St90026Echo Park3$1.1M
1806 Montana St90026Echo Park6$1.075M
1432 Echo Park Ave90026Echo Park12$1.05M
1438 Wright St90015Downtown LA20$1.025M
811 N Coronado St90026Echo Park4$910K
4230 Burns Ave90029Virgil Village10$900K
523 N Alexandria Ave90004Mid-Wilshire9$850K
1715 Scott Ave90026Echo Park4$822K
1732 W 20th St90007West Adams8$815K
427 Parkman Ave90026Silver Lake3$785K
237 S Westlake Ave90057Westlake8$760K
608 N Rampart Blvd90026Silver Lake7$752K
240 Robinson St90026Historic Filipinotown8$750K
700 N La Fayette Park Pl90026Silver Lake3$725K
1341 Constance St90017Pico-Union4$725K
1859 Echo Park Ave90026Echo Park5$740K
1141 S Union Ave90017Pico-Union4$579K
5825 Bowcroft St, #190016Mid City1$489K
1141 S Union Ave90017Pico-Union4$345K
5825 Bowcroft St, #190016Mid City1$295K