Sample Documents

Below is a list of the sample documents that we’ll generate to sell your real estate. These are real examples that we have used with clients.

  • Evaluation Letter – This is a brief analysis of your property’s value.
  • Comparative Marketing Analysis – This is a full analysis of your property’s value (often called a Broker Opinion of Value).
  • Listing Agreement – This is a California Association of REALTORS Commercial Listing Agreement, which we used for properties that have two or more units. Homes have a different form.
  • Marketing Packages – Here you’ll see the many custom marketing packages we have created for our exclusive listings, whether they were a home, condo or apartment building.
  • Best & Final Letter – After receiving offers, we send this letter out to buyers and/or their brokers, in order to increase their offer prices and discourage as many contingencies as possible.
  • Buyer Offer Table – Understanding offers can be frustrating, so we use the Buyer Offer Table to condense the most important terms for our Seller Clients to compare, apples to apples.
  • Vendor List – This is our main list of preferred companies and agents, after you accept an offer and we get your property in escrow.