We’ve remodeled over 3 apartments in the last 30 days in the Echo Park area. The Home Depot is one of the busiest places I have seen during COVID-19 with some lines wrapping around the block. We just finished a 3-bedroom in Echo Park. Check out the videos below:

Need help with remodeling a vacancy? Or… need some handyman help? We’re $50 an hour and we’ll make your place look great. Email me at or call me at (323) 484-4695. 

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Our remodeling service is great for vacancy turnover projects which need the following work:

  • Patching, priming & painting
  • Subfloor & new vinyl plank flooring
  • Bathroom & kitchen repairs
  • Appliance purchase & installation

We’ll remodel your apartment and pre-lease it to great tenants too. If you’re interested, then we’ll send you a Work Estimate that includes material and labor costs. We charge 100% of the material and 50% of the labor to start your project.

Remodeling | 417 Bixel | Echo Park | Before & After Videos

Video 2 of 4 | In Progress Remodel

Video 4 of 4 | Finished Remodel