Pay and Report

Increase your FICO credit score by having your rent payments reported to the credit bureaus.

The credit scores of many Americans could get an immediate boost of as much as 40 points if their rental payments were added to their credit histories, according to pilot programs run in 2019.

Signup for our Pay and Report service by BRE Investment, LLC and have your rent payments reported to the Equifax credit bureau every month, increasing your FICO score, in potentially a huge way.

  • Zelle. Easily pay your rent to any Property Owner using Zelle.
  • FICO Scores. Increase your FICO score with Equifax, every time you make an on-time rent payment.

After you send us your rent payment via Zelle (using ‘‘ to send the rent to BRE Investment, LLC), we send your verified rent to the Property Owner.

Our service is only $20 per month, per tenant, cancel any time.