Owner Forms

Property Owners: Quickly fill-out our common forms from our website and we’ll immediately deliver them for you.

3-Day Notice to Pay Rent

Use this 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit to quickly and easily fill out and send a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit. You can pick any and all of the following options for delivery.

COVID-19 Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Renter Protections Fact Sheet, with Cover Letter – Have you served your tenants the Los Angeles City Fact Sheet yet for COVID-19? May 27, 2020 was the deadline. Use this form to create a COVID-19 Renter Protections Fact Sheet, which will include your cover letter and PDF copies (in English and Spanish) from the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department.

Notice to Enter Dwelling

While many property owners don’t properly give notice to their tenants or properly track the repairs that they’re making at the property, having documentation can really help you in the future if their are any disputes with your tenant… especially any legal disputes. Give tenants the required Notice to Enter Dwelling, and keep a record via your email each time with this very fast and easy form. 

FREE Test Notice

Not sure how this works? See how our online system works for FREE with our Test Notice. You’ll receive a dummy email with a mock PDF Notice.