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Are you ready to invest in LA real estate?

As many buyers in Los Angeles discover, investing in LA real estate is both challenging and frustrating. LA has one of the strongest real estate markets in the United States. With ever increasing prices and never-ending buyer competition, many buyers learn about real estate “syndicates” and invest their unused deposit and down payment money into syndicates. Invest your money with our team. Check out our Current Opportunity to see if there’s something you want to invest in with us.

Syndicates aren’t that fancy or complicated.

Investors Usually, they’re family and friends that pool their extra money together so that they can flip a home or buy a small income property or even buy and flip apartment buildings. And since we’ve been Realtors since 2005, many times we have helped buyers for 6-12 months looking for a home only to have them give up on their dream of real estate. These types of buyers actually invest in real estate syndicates, typically investing anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 (on average), because they can invest in real estate instead of giving up and being priced out of the LA real estate market.

We specialize in LA apartments, because we’ve flipped so many.

Among commercial brokers, apartment buildings are called Multifamily Properties and are considered 5 units or more (because of the difference in residential versus commercial property. Our investment team focuses on all residential properties that are 2 or more units.

We analyze hundreds of LA properties every year.

As we underwrite, inspect and invest in more and more real estate projects in the area, we routinely have to pass on projects we initially thought were worth investing in. Check out our Rejected Projects section, to see what we mean.


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