About BRE Investment

Development, Management & Leasing

BRE Investment, LLC is the premier real estate company in Los Angeles. Founded in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California in 2005 by Realtor David Bramante, our real estate team development company has grown over the years primarily as Developers, Property Managers and Leasing Agents helping clients invest, management and lease rentals in Southern California.

Our Los Angeles team specializes in the development, management and leasing of both residential and commercial properties to highly qualified tenants and buyers, for top market rates, as quickly as possible. And as LA real estate has gotten more complex and political in many ways, we’ve helped our clients navigate through these issues, as well as formed several real estate syndicates to help our buyers and sellers with Investing.

In 2016, BRE Investment moved into the Historic Landmark, The Neutra Office Building. It’s a mid-century modern 1950s office built, designed by world-famous modernist Architect Richard Neutra. Our office’s style and location were great for our team’s growing leasing, management and sales groups in Silver Lake and Echo Park. Meet our founder Realtor David Bramante.

Our main leasing agent is Daniela Latorre who helps with leasing residential and commercial properties throughout West Los Angeles and the South Bay of LA County. And we’ve partnered with Realtor Kayla Bramante and her Santa Barbara team called “Renting Santa Barbara” so that we can help our clients in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties with leasing and sales.