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Leasing vs Property Management

Leasing vs Property ManagementIf you have a vacancy at one of your properties and also a property management company, then you can hire us to just rent out your vacancy while keeping your current manager.

There’s no need to rock the boat with your management system while we focus on renting. Our leasing service is completely separate from our property management service. 

We charge the first month’s rent as our leasing fee and we have a very strict approval process for new tenants. If you’re interested in having us help you rent a vacancy, then please let me know so we can get started ASAP. 

RentedAddressVideo Tour
$5,495509 Belmont Ave, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/7Tg5GQH26Ig
$3,6002161 Ewing Dr, Los AngelesN/A
$3,200941 N Benton Way, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/lPilFCjyTi0
$2,7955000 Barton Ave, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/uOY2MWBt1SA
$1,9003266 Descanso Dr, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/MK5tqwCBD8E
$1,900417 S Bixel St, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/H6kd2DQC7sw
$1,7955502 Barton Ave, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/ULDelaeN9uI
$1,7955004 Barton Ave, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/fJK6drFAgrM
$1,7955004 1/2 Barton Ave, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/7YXAvBwxP2Y
$1,7502588 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/VjUKR0rIBkg
$1,7501400 Colton St, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/CmJRYhk6vCU
$1,7001361 W Temple St, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/nivS__SINn4
$1,6502586 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeleshttps://youtu.be/AnUbTW_xrqY
$1,5001221 62nd St, Los AngelesN/A
$1,400129 Douglas Ave, Los AngelesN/A

Right now, there is no reason to have a vacancy despite what you may feel or see in the news. Please contact me so I can help you. And thanks for reading! 

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