Renting vacancies during COVID-19

How can we help you rent one of your vacancies in Echo Park or Silver Lake?

May 19, 2020

I want you to know that despite the confusion and chaos created by the governments’ complete mishandling of COVID-19, we’re renting vacancies like they’re going out of style to excellent tenants. No issues with us.

Sure, we have to wear annoying masks and we have to send out more videos before most tours, but we’re renting vacancies all over the City despite the inconveniences, especially in Echo Park and Silver Lake.

A few of our rented vacancies: 

  • 3-Bedroom for $1,900 per month. Watch the video here
  • 1-bedroom  for $1,750 per month. Watch the video here
  • 1-Bedroom for $1,700 per month. Watch the Video.
  • Studio for $1,400 per month. 
  • 2-Bedroom for $3,600 per month.
  • 1-Bedroom for $1,500 per month.

Need help renting a vacancy? Email me at or call me at (323) 484-4695. You can also visit our Leasing Section on this website.


We’ve remodeled over 3 apartments in the last 30 days in the Echo Park area. The Home Depot is one of the busiest places I have seen during COVID-19 with some lines wrapping around the block. We just finished a 3-bedroom in Echo Park. Check out the videos below:

Need help with remodeling a vacancy? Or… need some handyman help? We’re $50 an hour and we’ll make your place look great. Email me at or call me at (323) 484-4695. You can also visit our Remodeling Section on this website.