April 2020 Wrap-Up

May 2, 2020

Over the last 30 days, we’ve done the following: 


Leased: We’ve rented many apartments this month for top dollar and to great tenants, including:

A studio on Douglas in Echo Park for $1,400 per month. 

A 1-bedroom on Colton in Echo Park for $1,750 per month. Watch the video on Youtube here

A 1-bedroom on Descanso in Silver Lake for $1,900 per month. Watch the video on Youtube here

Available: We’re doing non-stop COVID-19 in-person and virtual tours for all of our vacancies. Watch my vacancy tour I did for a 1-bedroom in Hollywood on Youtube here. This apartment is $1,995 per month. 

Property Management: We continue to help landlords with their investment properties, by managing their properties and providing (optional) $50/hour handyman services:

New Clients:
3 Units in Silver Lake
12 Units in Echo Park
6 Units in City Terrace
4 Units in Echo Park

Tenant Rent Reporting: We’re approved to report tenant rent payments (positive and negative) to Equifax. Learn more here.

Vacancy Remodeling:

Current Remodels: We are working on 3 vacancy remodel projects (painting, floor, and minor repairs). This is a great service, since our leasing team shows and pre-leases the vacancies while they’re being remodeled. Check out one of our vacancy remodeling videos on Youtube here.

Have a vacancy? If you need need help with vacancy turnover work, then let me know and I’ll send you a VERY detailed Work Estimate showing all the material and labor costs. We charge 100% of the material and 50% of the labor to start your project!

Sales: We have several potential clients interested in selling, but they’re waiting for COVID-19 to wrap-up. This includes a 3-unit in Silver Lake and a home in Echo Park. Are you interested in selling? 🙂

For more information, contact:

Realtor David Bramante
BRE Investment, LLC
(323) 484-4695