The Top 10 Coffee Shops in Echo Park

If you’re thinking about moving to Echo Park or are looking for Echo Park real estate, it’s important to know the local businesses in the area. From restaurants, shopping centers and grocery stores, you’ll want to make sure there will be plenty of resources in the area.

And, as one of the top places you’ll be visiting if you’re a coffee or tea lover, knowing the nearby coffee shops is extremely important. Whether you stop by on your daily commute or need a go-to spot for the weekends, we have you covered. 

Here are our top ten coffee shops in Echo Park and why we love them:

  • Hey Hey. Tucked away on the bustling strip of Sunset Boulevard, you’ll find this unique coffee shop. Not only will you be served an exquisite cup of coffee, but you’ll also have access to a plethora of games and entertainment. But don’t let the games fool you, this is a high-end lounge with high-end drinks. Whether you’re looking for an over-the-top latte or a signature mocktail, you’re sure to find the perfect drink to start your day. Plus, with acoustic performances and an entire community of events, you never know what fun activities might be going on during your next visit. 
  • Woodcat Coffee Bar. If you’re wondering about the name, the owners Janine & Saadat Awan were inspired by the song Woodcat as it has a very personal meaning to them. But the name isn’t the only eclectic part of this coffee shop. The aesthetic is minimalistic meets rustic chic, from their decor to their mason jar glasses. They are known for their tasteful espresso from San Francisco, but also carry an assortment of decadent pastries. 
  • Laveta. Speaking of minimalism, there’s no better coffee shop for the average L.A. hipster than Laveta. Designed with a sleek style, open table space and lush greenery, it’s exactly as you’d imagine it. Not only do they have a wide range of coffee options, but they also offer an assortment of healthy dishes that appease everyone’s pallet. To top it off, they have their own parking lot and are dog-friendly. 
  • Tierra Mia Coffee. As just one of the many locations they have, Tierra Mia Coffee has perfected the art of being a specialty coffee shop and roastery. Whether you choose a frappe, Cubano con leche or a specialty brew, your taste buds will be in heaven. 
  • Eightfold Coffee. With the addition of a new savory menu, you can choose from an assortment of breakfast sandwiches on toasted brioche, or healthier options like a grain bowl. But the real heart and soul of this place is Japanese culture. They’ve intertwined it into their selection and atmosphere for a totally new experience. So, if you’re looking for your next matcha latte, this is the place. 
  • Andante Coffee Roasters. Their welcoming urban decor, plethora of electrical outlets and speedy WIFI make this spot a coffee paradise. Enjoy a cup of hand-roasted coffee or espresso from Koreatown and kick back with your laptop or a good book. You can’t find that culture in every coffee shop—most don’t even supply enough seating. 
  • VanillaBlack. If food is as essential as great coffee when looking for the right Echo Park coffee shop, then VanillaBlack might be your place. Their house-cultured butter and fresh blackberry jam are just a taste of the delicacies they offer. And if you’re looking for a specialty drink that’s a little more chilled, try their carrot ginger slushy to perk you up. It’s all in the experience, and this coffee spot won’t let you down. 
  • Stories Books and Cafe. While their coffee menu sticks to the more basic options, this coffee shop is known for their stories—obviously. With readings of popular literature almost every night—sometimes even multiple times a day—and a diverse food menu, it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon. Check out their website for upcoming events and readings to plan your next visit.  
  • Triniti. This cafe-restaurant hybrid is your home away from home. Its decor is reminiscent of a modern home and its culinary options echo that of a home-cooked meal. A lunch party instead of a dinner party? Yes, please. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing lemonade—similar to the experience of a lemonade stand in your neighborhood—or a warm drip coffee, you’ll have all the essentials for a relaxing afternoon at home—in a new and exciting place.  
  • Mugshot Coffee Roasters. Centered around the experience of a good cup of coffee, you’ll be enchanted by the aromas lingering around this chic spot. Only high-quality, gourmet beans are roasted here from premium sources. Don’t need much other than an exquisite cup of coffee? Mugshot Coffee Roasters will be your new favorite coffee shop.