3 Tips to help you find an Echo Park Leasing Agent

Ok, so you’ve just bought an investment property in Echo Park and now you need a Leasing Agent.

Let’s take it from the beginning… you’ve poured all your hard-earned money into an investment property, and you want to make sure the people looking after will maximize your returns and minimize the stress.

While some investors choose to manage their property themselves, most investors choose to utilize the services of a professional (like our company). Here are a few tips on how to pick the best leasing agent for your home

Tip 1.  Look locally.

In the real estate business, local knowledge is king! From knowing how to attract tenants to setting the right rent, picking a local Echo Park leasing agent gives you a big advantage.

You also need to look at how long they have been managing property. New agencies come and go, and you need to ensure they’re going to stick around and are committed to managing your investment.

An experienced and local leasing agent will be able to benchmark comparable rental properties on the market and advise you of the optimal rental return you should receive from your property.

Tip 2. Find out what services are offered.

Not all leasing agents are created equal, and not all of them will offer the same service, so make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

A good leasing agent will be proactive and trustworthy. They will be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that both the tenant and the landlord are satisfied with their rental situation.

With expert knowledge of the local Echo Park market, your leasing agent will be able to inform potential tenants of all of the relevant information they need regarding the house and surrounding neighborhood.

Tip 3. Do your homework.

If you have 5 minutes and an internet connection you can find out pretty much everything you’ll need to know about leasing agents in Echo Park. To successfully manage an investment property it takes dedication and focus, you have to be confident in their ability to deliver a high level of service, taking the worry out of investment property ownership.

Read customer reviews (like some of reviews we post), especially the ones on Yelp, for leasing agents online to get some of the best honest opinions from fellow investors.