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BRE Investment has you covered in Echo Park. We’ve specialized in Echo Park real estate since 2005. We’re in your neighborhood– we know what it’s like to live here, too! We’re here to help you manage, lease and sell your home or apartment building in Echo Park.

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Property Management & Leasing

But before we were helping homeowners and investors buy and sell in Echo Park, we managed and leased their homes and apartments for them. Since 2001, our team has managed over 30 properties in Echo Park and the surrounding neighborhoods, from small single-family homes to large commercial centers (like the Home Depot center located at Wilshire and Union). No job is too small or too big for us.


Since 2005, our team has sold our clients’ properties for the highest prices possible, with the fastest and easiest escrows imaginable.

Our Echo Park Realtors have helped owners with serious, real life issues, whether it was paying off huge looming debts, finalizing nasty divorces, or dealing with sudden deaths in a family.

How can we help you with your Echo Park home or apartment building? We’re excited you found us and we’d love to learn about what you need.

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